Shoulder, knee and hip joints injuries; arthrozis, sports injuries and fracture treatments.

As of October 2017Taner Bekmezci MD. continues studies and treatments in the fields of arthrozis, sports injuries and fracture treatments of shoulder, knee and hip joints, in his office in the Vital Fulya Plaza.

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One of the most common disorders:

Shoulder Diseases

Why Shoulder Diseases Occur?

The shoulder is a joint that allows us to direct our hands where we want.
For reasons such as pain and weakness shoulder movements is restricted and we feel that our body is not enough for our daily life.
The aim of shoulder surgery is to correct this problem.
The most common problems of the shoulder joint are mechanical problems such as tears and wear.
Start-up phase of the problem can be solved by strengthening the muscles and reducing pain.

Shoulder surgery to resolve advanced problems; offers effective, reliable and scientific solutions.

How does the shoulder joint work ?

All joints are different. Each joint evolved to perform different activities.Shoulder region; is a combination of the arm (humerus), clavicle and scapula bones.
Shoulder; connects our arms to our hull and positions our hands in the 3D areas where we want.
The shoulder bone is attached to the body with the help of various muscles in the dorsa and provides mobility.
The collarbone supports the shoulder joint on the anterior side by linking the shoulder bone and chest. The arm and the shoulder blade form the mobile part of the shoulder joint. Almost all this complex structure located on the rib cage is connected to each other by muscle-bond and cartilage structures. This system works effectively only if these soft tissues are healthy.

Which diseases are cause shoulder pain?

Normal joints do not cause pain or swelling. Diabetes mellitus may cause capsule thickening, pain and immobility around the shoulder. Rheumatic diseases may cause damage to the shoulder joint, as in other joints. The most common reason of shoulder pain is wear in the structures around the joint. Joints, muscles, capsules and bones may cause pain due to overstrain or repeated overloads. nedeniyle ağrıyabilir. Sports activities that are frequently repeated, not performed properly, or overstrained may also cause pain. If the pain cannot be controlled by simple applications (such as ice and rest), an orthopedist should be consulted.

What are Shoulder Diseases and Treatments?

- Rotator cuff tear- impingement syndrome
- Shoulder dislocation
- Acromioclavicular joint dislocation
- Acromioclavicular joint degeneration
- Biceps tendon problems- instability
- Frozen Shoulder
- Calcific Tendonitis
- Fractures around shoulder
- Treatment of pinched nerve and injuries

Samples of Surgeries

Includes drawings and arthroscopy videos for the treatment of shoulder and hip problems. The patients included in the drawings and arthroscopy videos are our own cases and there are confirmations to the use of the images.

  • Shoulder Fracture Surgery

  • Hip Fracture Surgery

  • Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

  • Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

  • Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

  • Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • Shoulder Tumor Prosthesis Surgery

  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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