Hip Labral Tears

What is Hip Labral Tear?

The upper part of the femur and the nest area of the pelvic bone (acetabulum) form the hip joint together. The hip joint has an angular movement in a total of 340 degrees in 6 different directions. These movements are based on the center of rotation of the hip joint. The sliding movement of the knee joint is not applicable to this joint.The hip joint carries 4 times the weight of the body while walking. This load can also form shear forces on the articular surface, especially when sitting and kneeling.

How does a Hip Labral Tear Occur?
What Are the Symptoms of Hip Labral Tear?

Labral tear is rupture of the labrum from the capsule and bone area that it’s placed. The torn area leads to pain and movement limitation in the joint. Patients mostly have complaints of pain, stiffness, and swelling, especially after years of repeated movements such as sitting, getting up, or sport activities including sudden rotational movements. Tears may occur due to femoroacetabular impingement.

How to Treat Hip Labral Tear?

For the treatment, arthroscopic surgery can be used which does not harm the joint. By using 2 or 3 holes, tears in the joint can be cleaned. Some tears are suitable for repair, in this case the torn tissue is fixed to the bone using anchors with sutures in the back.

When can I go back to work after arthroscopy hip surgery?

Depending the nature of the procedure, return to normal life can be achieved after the activity limitation of 1-4 weeks. After hip Arthroscopy, patient should wait for 8 weeks to heavy works and 4-6 months to return sports.